About Jack

Jack Fisher is a college student in the United States of America and a limerent who wants to live in the 1950s. As a young child, he aspired to be Aladdin and drive a cement mixer, but he has since determined that a career in video production would be more fulfilling. During his high school years, Mr. Fisher sporadically maintained a LiveJournal, but then he grew up. He usually refers to himself in the first person, but figured this would sound more professional.

The title of this blog refers to a line from the 1956 film Forbidden Planet.


One thought on “About Jack

  1. Agent Spooky,

    Just got your email regarding my site, intwinpeaks.com. thanks so much for the praise. It’s my greatest pleasure when another t.p. fan enjoys (and uses!) my site. About that “added wall”…Marlo, the motel owner and her daughter Tonya, have told me on several occasions that the t.p. crew built that wall especially for the film. Hmmm… sounds like perhaps she’s confused or can’t get the story straight. Oh well. Either way, it works. Thanks again for getting in touch and for the heads up.


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