A letter of protest in response to Tommy Wiseau’s legal actions against the Nostalgia Critic

To whom it may concern:

I first heard of The Room several years ago, when a friend mentioned it. After looking up your site, I determined that purchasing The Room would be a waste of my money. However, a few days ago, after viewing Doug Walker’s review of The Room, I had decided to buy a copy. When I heard that the review had been taken down due to claims of “copyright infringement,” I changed my mind.

Mr. Walker’s review of The Room is in fact doing you a service. As stated in his video rebuttal to the legal action, Mr. Walker is introducing your film to people who have not heard of it, or those (like me) who have heard of it, but had previously dismissed it. In addition, his review is protected by the fair use guidelines of U.S. copyright law, as well as the sections regarding parody. Furthermore, there is a good chance that any alleged damage to Mr. Wiseau’s reputation is not punishable under the public figure doctrine regarding defamation. My perception of Mr. Wiseau was certainly not made worse by Mr. Walker’s review. It has, however, been tarnished by the actions that have been taken against Mr. Walker. I urge you to reconsider and to save the reputations of Mr. Wiseau and his associates by permitting Mr. Walker’s review to be republished to his website, and to enjoy the increased publicity and profit that will most likely result.

Sincerely, Jack Fisher

Independent filmmaker

*  *  *

Addendum — four minutes after sending my message, I received the following response:

If you can let your writer to contact us.

The fact is that the original material of “The Room” has been altered.

Thank you for your E-Mail.

I don’t believe I need to say anything more.


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