Agate Pass (Twin Peaks, part two)

For part one, click here.

WordPress will still not allow me to use italics in image captions, so please imagine that “Twin Peaks” and “Twin Peaks:  Fire Walk with Me” are italicized.

After my visit to Snoqualmie Valley, I spent a few hours in Seattle, where I visited Pike Place Market. From there, I spent several days touring the North Cascade Mountains, before taking a ferry across Puget Sound to the Kitsap Peninsula. It was here that I found my next Twin Peaks location.The Kiana Lodge, located in Poulsbo, Washington, is located across Agate Pass from Bainbridge Island. It is essentially an event and convention center, near a local casino hotel.

The entrance to the Kiana Lodge grounds. The sign in the lower-left corner of the picture says "All events and ceremonies are private. Invited guests only beyond this point." In all honesty, I didn't notice it until I took this picture on my way out.

As soon as I arrived, I went straight to the waterfront, where a huge log lies on the beach:

It's a pretty big log.

The log in the pilot episode of "Twin Peaks."

In my opinion, this beach, with this log, is the most important Twin Peaks location that I visited. This is where Laura Palmer’s body is found in the pilot episode, setting the series in motion. The show begins here, and the film ends here.

Another shot of the log. The tide was quite low when I visited.

A closer shot.

Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) lies next to the log in the "Twin Peaks" pilot.

Laura Palmer's body drifts to its final resting place in "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me."

The spot where Sheryl Lee lay twenty years ago.

The same spot in the pilot.

Bainbridge Island, on the other side of Agate Pass.

The same view is visible behind Deputy Andy Brennan (Harry Goaz) in this image from the "Twin Peaks" pilot.

Having photographed the log to my heart’s content, I turned my lens toward the lodge itself:

These doors face Agate Pass.

The same doors are visible behind Sheriff Harry S. Truman (Michael Ontkean) and Josie Packard (Joan Chen) in the "Twin Peaks" pilot.

The side of the lodge was used as the exterior of the Blue Pine Lodge in the series.

The Kiana Lodge.

The Blue Pine Lodge in episode 6 of "Twin Peaks."

Wandering around to the back of the lodge, I found an open door with the words “This door to be kept unlocked during business hours,” on it. Knowing that the inside was used as the interior of the Great Northern Hotel in the Twin Peaks pilot, I tentatively stepped inside. The lights were off, but the windows let enough light in for me to take pictures.

This room was used as the lobby. The door I entered through is on the right side.

You can see the same door behind Leland Palmer (Ray Wise) and Sheriff Truman in this image from the pilot.

This desk was built for the pilot. It was placed in front of the wall on the right of the above panorama.

Another shot of the spot where the desk stood.

Another shot of the desk in the pilot.

Visible here are the display cases shown on the right side of the above panorama.

I wandered past the display cases into what I believe to be a dining room:

Most of the chairs and tables were stacked against the walls.

This room was also used in the Twin Peaks pilot.

It was used as the conference room where the Norwegians meet in the Great Northern.

On the other side of the building was another room used in the pilot:

I caught the exit sign in the mirror. Oops.

Benjamin Horne's (Richard Beymer) office in the pilot.

At this point I heard someone walking around upstairs, and I decided to leave before I was discovered. I headed back to the waterfront for one last picture:

The Agate Pass Bridge, visible through the branches of a pine tree.

A juvenile varied thrush perches on a tree branch in the "Twin Peaks" opening sequence.

I didn’t want to outstay my nonexistent welcome, so I left quickly.

No, thank *you.*

Special thanks again to Charles Ramsey, without whose amazing website my trip would not have been possible. Thanks also to the folks at the Twin Peaks Brewing Co. for capturing the images from the series and film.


2 thoughts on “Agate Pass (Twin Peaks, part two)

  1. My uncle Vern Herrick is in picture #237, He passed away Friday March 7 2014. It was cool to see hi picture here, I don’t suppose you have any more of the extras on the set?

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